Rabbi Chaim Slavaticki 

As the Rabbi of the Las Olas Jewish Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Rabbi Chaim is a co-founder of Israel Heart2Heart. Understanding the needs of wounded Israeli Soliders, Rabbi Chaim works tirelessly to provide financial and emotional support through Israel Heart2Heart. Through his amazing network in the US and Israel, Rabbi is able to leverage his relationships to help our wounded veterans with PTSD.


 Eric Donner

Eric’s passion for Israel led him to channel his energy and start an organization that helps IDF veterans with PTSD. As a co-founder of Israel Heart2Heart, Eric’s role is to lead and build the organization, leverage its resources and create great programs in the US and Israel. Most important to Eric are the direct relationships he builds with each and every wounded warrior in our program, especially during the Trip of a Lifetime.

 Orley Tesler

A native of Brooklyn New York, Orley Tesler made aliyah over 30 years ago, embracing Israel and its people. Orley is married to a retired Brigadier general and her three children all served with pride in the IDF. As such Orley is very passionate about helping wounded IDF Warriors suffering from trauma. As a board member of Israel Heart2Heart in Israel, Orley spends time coordinating the programming and working directly with our Soliders as coach, mentor and confidante.

Elroy Buchnick

A businessman in Israel and commander of the Gavati Brigade in the IDF reserves, Elroy is passionate about helping wounded warriors with PTSD. As a husband and father of two, Elroy serves his country proudly while finding the right life balance by building Israel Heart2Heart from the ground up. As a board member, Elroy is responsible for developing and implementing programs in Israel while motivating our wounded warriors.

Amy Klausner

As a mother and wife from New Jersey, Amy has a deep passion for Israel and has instilled her passion in her family. Having been to Israel many times, she is proud to work with the wounded soldiers of Israel Heart2Heart. Amy believes that every Israeli soldier in our program is our child and a child of all Israel and needs to be cared for. As a board member of Israel Heart2Heart, Amy’s goal is to show them how much they are loved through direct support in Israel and the United States.