Yoga helps people relax, build strength and flexibility, and find spiritual meaning in their life. Trauma-based yoga helps people with PTSD calm their minds and regulate their physical responses and thus their emotions. Our goal is to deliver trauma-based yoga to soldiers in Israel with PTSD, by building a network of volunteer yoga instructors who will be trained on trauma-based yoga. 

Israel Heart2Heart, in partnering with Connected Warriors teaches soldiers trauma-based yoga in Israel. This is done through a variety of methods including periodic in-person group sessions, online sessions and video recorded sessions. Through Connected Warriors and its certified training program, yoga instructors in Israel learn trauma-based yoga to help soldiers in need. 

The fact is that trauma changes the brain, and yoga directly addresses those changes using breath and movement. Some of the benefits include:

  •     Improved concentration, focus and self-awareness
  •     Reduces anxiety and anger
  •     Reduces the impact of exaggerated stress responses (fight, flight or freeze)
  •     Provides emotional regulation techniques
  •     Assists with relaxation and sleep
  •     Increased ability to pause, helping to regulate reactionary behavior 

With a yoga studio in Jerusalem, Israel Heart2Heart actively seeks yoga instructors in Israel who wish to volunteer to learn trauma-based yoga. Since Israeli yoga instructors in Israel served in the IDF (not so in the US), Israel Heart2Hearts seeks to tap into their hearts to help soldiers with PTSD learn techniques to combat their emotional behavior and lead normal lives. Volunteer here

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