2. Condition of army vet with PTSD who set himself on fire deteriorates 



  1. US military veterans introduce joint US-Israel PTSD research bill

Proposal would establish grants for American research centers to team up with Israeli counterparts; Senate backing gives it higher chances of becoming law. 


  1. IH2H sends food and supplies to IDF soldiers in need during recent battles


Today, Israel Heart2Heart showed their love and support by bringing Falafel and bourekas, sandwiches and cakes to the soldiers in the Duvdevan Unit.

Duvdevan is a counter- terrorism unit and part of the Commando Brigade.

We arrived minutes before they were preparing to leave on a mission and were thrilled and appreciative of all the food that we brought them . What really warmed my heart was when I went to pay for all the food ... the owner of the falafel store told me that “if it’s for  the soldiers ... its on the house!!!!!!

We were not allowed to take photos showing their faces therefore they are with their back turned. 

One of the soldiers told me “ please be careful” . Of course that brought tears to my eyes. They are so concerned for the civilians , for their families and that is what motivates them to give it their all!

We are indeed facing very challenging times here in Israel but feel confident as ever knowing that we have a strong IDF . I told the soldiers about Israel Heart 2 Heart and saw on their faces how proud they felt to be part of the Jewish nation that helps their brothers in times like these!!!!

All of the soldiers in the IDF will be spending Shabbat and the Shavuot holiday on base, on duty, on missions from land, sea and air.Our hearts are with all of Am Israel and of course the soldiers !!!! Toda Raba Israel Heart 2 Heart and Shabbat Shalom