The Career Unit

Since in Israel you are required to serve in the IDF at age 18, college and career is delayed for all young adults. For combat soldiers injured in the line of duty, it is extremely difficult to begin a long-lasting career if you have PTSD. Therefore, Israel Heart2Heart has built a team of career advisors and coaches in Israel to assist our soldiers in kick-starting their careers.

The purpose of The Career Unit is to provide knowledge, tools and networking to member veterans in need of career support. Since all our warriors are combat veterans with PTSD, they are all at different stages of their careers. Israel Heart2Heart provides career development in four primary areas to including:

  •  Career Goal Setting

  • Professional Resume Writing

  • Interviewing Skills

  • Professional Networking

An important part of the career goal setting process is to help our warriors identify specific skills they have or can develop that employers are looking for and help them develop their desired skills. On an as needed basis, the soldiers have access to a group of career volunteers to help them with their career. With deep experience and a network of professional and business contacts, Israel Heart2Heart helps soldiers build their network of connections.

The Career Unit Network

Our goal is to build a network of business executives, business owners and professionals (accountants, attorneys, investment advisors, etc.) who have a desire to help soldiers in need.  

The career unit network of Israel Heart2heart is seeking experienced men and women in business and industry in Israel. This small group of talented coaches will be available to provide career guidance to the wounded warriors of Israel Heart2Heart.


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